President Trump UN address: blasts Chinese Communists for pandemic & touts US as peacemaker in MidEast

President Trump in a taped address to the United Nations spoke directly of the global pandemic and said the international body “must hold China accountable for their actions.”

Pointing to the Chinese Communist government, President Trump spoke plainly of their misinformation to the world as they shut down air travel domestically but continued to allow international flights and “infect the world.”

He highlighted the failure of the WHO subservient to and working with Communist China where they “falsely declared there was no evidence of human to human transmission.”

President Trump continued to criticize ocean dumping of trash by Communist China and a lengthy list of human rights violations and trade abuses.

Talking Ed Note: It’s a relatively short address but it is power-packed and will not see accurate coverage so the full address is made available as it affects everyone locally, nationally and around the globe.
In addition to the focus on the Chinese Communist Party Virus, President Trump highlighted the US defense capability and his desire to “never have to use it.” He spoke also of the US role as peacemaker with the recent first ever MidEast Peace Deal between Israel and numerous Arab countries.

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