President Trump: Our focus is on “saving” American lives

Today, the White House conducted a press conference with President Trump, Vice President Pence and the science team leading the national effort to beat back the global pandemic launched out of Communist China.

The complete unedited broadcast is below. It’s suggested to watch in its entirety to clarify and dismiss the unfortunate political assault that has continued through a national emergency.

Sadly, City Hall has joined in today with Mayor Ravi Bhalla doing exactly that. (More on that later.)

Here, President Trump details a number of ongoing efforts across the United States and the focus on hot zones in the New York – TriState area, California and Washington State.

Among some of the first ever red tape cutting measures and breaking developments:

  • Telehealth services are being expanded for Medicare patients, “dramatic expansion”
  • An additional stimulus package is being discussed with Congress
  • President Trump praised everyone in Congress for working together
  • President Trump highlighted a good discussion with NY Governor Andrew Cuomo
  • The Army Corp. of Engineers is “on standby”
  • The economy will “pop” again after beating back the pandemic
  • Vice President addressed expansion of testing using both public & private capacity
  • Underlying health risks should drive people to take extra precaution
  • It’s everyone’s job to “help slow the spread” of the virus
  • Airline and related industry will be seeing more federal support
  • Individual Americans may see support limited by those in upper income ranges
  • The goal is for Americans and small business get financial support “quickly
  • Governors can “go faster” by making purchases at the state vs. federal level 
  • Problem-solving for new functionality for pandemics being created for first time
  • Wide range of testing solutions hitting across the country in seven figures & growing
  • President Trump “We have to win this war, and quickly.”
  • Dr. Anthony Faucci this mobilization is “unprecedented.” Young must help “mitigate” risk
  •  President Trump, “We’re all in this together.”
  • “China was putting out information which was false that our military gave this (the virus) to them…. I didn’t appreciate it… The (US) military did not give it to them… It came from China.” 
  • It was a “great decision” to stop flights early this year from Red China. 
  • Praise for the team building new solutions “best in the world” for a never before seen pandemic.

Dr. Anthony Faucci spoke to reporter’s questions about the importance of limiting the spread of the deadly Wuhan Virus and how the curve can not be plotted accurately in action to curb it.

Fake News is addressed. The United States never “declined” testing kits from the WHO which were limited in availability globally.

The Chinese Communist government began a global campaign accusing the US Military last week. President Trump has responded with the actual fact the pandemic originated in Communist China.

FACT: The Communist Chinese government is responsible for the global pandemic with the coronavirus.
Hoboken City Hall decided to pat itself on the back today for closing businesses, destroying jobs and lives while
lecturing residents on political posturing devoid of actual fact. 

Related: Today Ravi Bhalla held an outdoor press conference and is asking for people to “self-isolate” and reduce the risk of further transmission. However outdoor exercise is fine with social distancing as a focus at six feet. Non-essential businesses in Hoboken will be closed.

Let’s put aside the self-glorification in hard actions leading to harsh outcomes for many at the moment. If you want to promote self-isolation, which is fine; perhaps don’t hold a presser outdoors for starters.

If Ravi Bhalla had left this here with that minor error; it would be understandable. Late afternoon, a release from the mayor’s office went out with more than a few disgraceful-laden aspects. It was fueled with self-congratulation, boasting over the closure of local businesses and the jobs that go with them. It made twisted political attacks about “fact” which was not a little disgraceful considering the simple fact neglected and not mentioned truthfully anywhere in “how we got here.”

Well Ravi, how is it that you don’t know we are in this national emergency due to actions and the coverups by the Chinese Communist government?

The United States, Europe and the world is facing a global pandemic not only due to the coronavirus proliferation inside Wuhan, China and beyond, but also due to the coverup by that same government not dissimilar to the Soviet actions after the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear plant in 1986.

We are risk in this pandemic, in immigration, to our supply chain, to critical healthcare capacity and to our manufacturing of essential medicines including pharma.

It’s all tied to national security because of turning over these vital aspects to a foreign and hostile communist government for globalists-driven profits for a country that is not a friend to the free world.

Where do you think fentanyl which has been decimating lives originates? You think that’s an accident?

These are 100% certified facts. Someone should tell Ravi Bhalla.

More to come.

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