President Trump goes mano a mano with the invisible enemy; Mayor Ravi Bhalla urges trust for the failed lockdown

President Donald Trump became infected by the “invisible enemy” connected to the debate in Cleveland and walked out of the White House late Friday departing for Walter Reed Hospital.

While the party loyalist media of the Democrat Party and those continuously frothy by “Orange Man Bad” is immensely offended with by his continued breathing and what appears to be a miraculous recovery, they’re equally angered by his driveby salute to a spontaneous outpouring of support by Americans outside the hospital and his tweeting to nearly 87 million of his follower on Twitter. An aide to the President offered:

Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla has remained silent about President Trump’s battle with the Chinese Communist Party Virus announced late Friday. On Saturday, the mayor offered his admonition residents should wear a face mask, social distance and “trust experts and science” concluding “we are far from being out of the woods.” 

By what objective and scientific standard? 

Is the mayor talking about the science of quarantine which he declined to apply to himself? That science?

Well, where’s the evidence? Since March, the lockdown theory failed to protect the most vulnerable, seniors with underlying illnesses. The evidence now shows a vulnerable elderly population were immensely harmed by the direct actions of the governors in New Jersey and New York.

The CCP Virus blew threw the Tri-State area last spring. Deadly decisions by Governor Andrew Cuomo and Governor Phil Murphy followed creating killing fields of seniors as the infected were placed in their facilities leading to mass casualties in the untold thousands. 

There hasn’t been a death in Hoboken in months. The hospitals here have been emptied.

Here’s the mortality data collected by the CDC by age. Note the survival rates by age.

From the people who have continually told Americans you must wear a mask even if there’s zero deaths and empty hospitals and you must remain in a lockdown double-digit unemployment environment because we’re not “out of the woods.”

Look around the country. Which states are in double-digit unemployment and which are well below it? How does New Jersey stack up against South Dakota as one example?

America is in day 103 of the original 30-45 days to “flatten the curve.” Instead of protecting the vulnerable and undoing the dreadful economic, physical, emotional and spiritual damage heaped onto hundreds of millions, it’s politicians in certain states who have a political objective setting up new benchmarks of total control without the consent of the governed. 

Millions of lives are being harmed in New Jersey. The CCP Virus remains unstoppable in its global spread but unlike Sweden and certain parts of the country that have moved past the crushing of liberty, politicians are looking at the November election and total control over entire populations.

That’s not science; that’s politics.

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