President Trump & the Corona Task Force to address the nation

President Trump is about to address the nation with the Coronavirus task force momentarily.
As the CCP Virus tips upward, a national strategy is emerging to beat it and get America back running. 5:45 EST.

An obvious effort against this is evident, exposed with the bizarre calls to silence President Trump briefing the public with the task force and attempts to deconstruct the effectiveness of the combination therapy saving American lives using a potent inexpensive form of a decades old and inexpensive malaria drug.

Those propaganda efforts have failed from New York City to California but don’t expect the Fake News to give up. After all, they backed every coup effort to overthrow a duly elected US government since 2016.

The basis for the implemented “off label” use and other medical therapies against the CCP Virus, sees another inexpensive one being added to the mix: the use of intravenous Vitamin C. This further forestalls efforts to drive the nation into depression but those political forces in the lamestream media will not see ended those efforts.

In addition, these combination therapies may become a basis to be used as a prophylaxis and aid Americans returning to work. Watch how the feat chatter turns to “killing millions.” Frankly, it’s already begun.

It’s a war that will loom larger than the coronavirus. Be alert and watch how those voices of fear try to subvert the nation’s climb back. They will escalate their efforts claiming there is no dual track to beat down the CCP Virus and see America retake its footing. Watch, it’s already underway.

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