President Donald Trump adds Europe to travel ban for 30 days; financial relief package for Americans in fight against ChiCom-Wuhan Virus

Breaking: In a national address from the Oval Office, President Donald Trump took additional decisive action against the ChiCom-Wuhan Virus adding the continent of Europe to a travel ban for the next 30 days beginning Friday.

The United Kingdom is excluded from the European ban and Americans returning home will be given special waivers and virus testing on return.

In adding Europe to the travel ban to and from as China, the impact of the global spread of the ChiCom-Wuhan Virus is anticipated further slowed entry into the United States.

Financial relief in numerous forms is being prepared under the executive powers of the presidency as detailed in the Wednesday evening address below.

President Trump called for unity and an end to political partisanship in combating the deadly virus which has led to nationwide lockdowns most recently in Italy and a travel ban in Israel.


Related: Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that up to 70% of its people could be infected by the ChiCom-Wuhan Virus. There are 58 million people in Germany.

The NBA has suspended its basketball season. One player, Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive prior to the a scheduled game against the Oklahoma City Thunder now cancelled tonight.

Hundreds of Chinese nationals have reportedly been intercepted attempting to enter the US at its southern border this year.

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