Preparing for the run…

According to a report yesterday on Insidernj, Councilman Mike DeFusco is preparing to launch his bid for a mayoral run next month. MSV addressed this same topic in yesterday’s premium content.

Clifton, NJ based political operative Ryan Yacco is reportedly set to act as campaign manager.

According to the brief article, Ryan Yacco a former campaign manager of the 2011 Beth Mason council campaign was also listed as the “program director” of the Mason Civic League “charity” in an exclusive MSV report back in a June 2012 report.

The NJ based political operative is listed on his Linkedin page as a field/media consultant for his firm, Bluewater Operations.

Ryan Yacco, the northern NJ political operative of Bluewater Operations is reportedly making a return to Hoboken
as campaign manager of Councilman Mike DeFusco’s pending bid for mayor. Here he’s seen in at a Hoboken
City Council meeting years earlier filming a speaker at the microphone, former Councilman Mike Lenz.

Back in early 2014, monies that allegedly flowed through Bluewater Operations became a target of interest at the civil trial investigating Vote by Mail inconsistencies on the rent control ballot question in the Hoboken November 2013 election.

MSV exclusively reported Bluewater Operations through Yacco was targeted for a trial witness subpoena to testify on how the company managed over $20,000 from the Hoboken political committee, “Let the People Decide,” backed by Frank “Pupie” Raia, opponents to the ballot question.

The civil trial soon after was short-circuited as the plaintiffs connected to big developer group MSTA threw in the towel and the narrow ballot question victory stood.

Bluewater Operations had received two payments of more than $20,000 from the Raia backed political committee. Some suspect the funds were part of a strategy to circumvent earlier investigative methods tying Vote by Mail operations to purchase votes mostly in the Hoboken Housing Authority and senior buildings.

In recent years, the questionable vote gathering methods in parts of Hoboken have seen interests from federal law enforcement. MSV reported the US Department of Justice having a presence in Hoboken during the 2013 election.

In 2011, MSV reported Bluewater Operations distributed $52,000 in street money on behalf of the Beth Mason campaign.

According to the Insidernj article, a DeFusco ticket would feature Cheryl Fallick and Tony Soares on his council at-large slate with former council candidate and HHA commissioner Eduardo Gonzalez as campaign treasurer. None have responded to requests for comment.

Update: Insidernj updated their story today saying neither Soares nor Fallick will be the council candidates on any DeFusco ticket.

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