Power out in many areas of Hoboken

Reports coming in power is out in many parts of Hoboken.  Southern Hoboken was seeing a planned shutdown of power and many areas uptown report similar lack of power in the areas of the Shipyard and other uptown locations.

The Wallace School generator is reportedly out and the basement is flooding.  Problems for the shelter.

Most of Maxwell Place is looking dark but the Empire State Building soldiers on.

In addition to power outages, reports are that cell phone towers are also out in areas.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer has asked the National Guard for assistance.

– Police report the hospital is inaccessible.
– 2nd and Willow: a tree has fallen on power lines and is on fire.  Stay indoors!

MSV lost power twice for a few seconds just earlier at 10:40 PM.  Da Horsey is prepared for backup internet. 

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