POTUS points out the obvious as ChiCom Joe gets whacked by an inside job

An important talking ed note has been added to this fast-moving story.

The Supreme Court is seeing intervening states joining the Texas complaint alleging the election theft states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia illegally loosened the rules on the use of mail in ballots bypassing their state legislators. 

Those accused election theft states are expected to file replies to the Supreme Court by 3:00 pm Thursday. President Trump, as a candidate in the 2020 election has joined Texas with his lawyer filing an application to join the case.  

In 2005, former President Jimmy Carter led an effort with former Secretary of State James Baker in a non-partisan report on election integrity and pointed directly at its biggest risk: absentee ballots. 

Pointing to the ChiCom Virus, Democrat led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to implement a national absentee ballot scheme. Short of that, they had as many states implement a massive unregulated absentee ballot scheme and applied all sorts of election integrity standards eliminated while Democrat attorneys threatened states with lawsuits if they followed basic protocols like signature matching.

There’s little to no discussion on any of that in most of the censored media plus Big Tech. Even as litigation is raging at the Supreme Court and across the country, Google, aka Goolag publicly issued threats to YouTube account holders yesterday. Any mention of election theft in connection to the selection of Joe Biden as president means an instant ban to the account and disappearing all their earlier videos with it.

You would think we are living in Communist China. Wait, these are all the same people who keep moving us closer to the ChiComs literally and figuratively as they get rich off deals there and Americans see their rights subverted. This even as the ChiCom Virus continues to plague Americans around the country. (The Trump Vaccine a byproduct of Operation Warp Speed is set for release by Pfizer and Moderna later this month.)

In related news, Congressman Eric Swalwell (D) is reported to have held a years long sexual relationship with a Chinese Communist spy. Fang Fang is also reported to have seduced other elected officials and aided  fundraising for Swalwell who sits on the House Intelligence Committee. She reportedly was paid by the Democrat Party and fled back to Communist China before the story broke.

The House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is calling for Swalwell to be removed from Congress.

Now it’s become official, Hunter Biden is under a Department of Justice investigation in Delaware US Attorney’s Office for illicit tax proceeds. One can guess that most of those millions came by way of… wait for it…. Communist China, a story the Democrat globalist media systematically censored before the election.

As the issue is not exclusively led by the Treasury Department, the DOJ attachment is a dead giveaway money laundering is a likely component of the investigation. Emails from the Hunter Biden laptop came out before the election but the Democrat globalist media teamed up with the Deep State and claimed it was “Russian disinformation.”

CNN, the leader in Fake News even held a conference call with Jeff Zucker, its president and the department heads where he said they would not cover the Hunter Biden story. CNN publicly defended Hunter Biden and labeled any reference to the ChiCom connections with additional millions out of Russia and Ukraine as nothing but a “conspiracy theory.”

The most important question in the exposure of the Hunter Biden investigation and the money laundering component is the monies paid in tribute to “the Big Guy,” confirmed by Biden insiders as Joe Biden.

The next question is cui bono, “who benefits’ with this information coming out shortly AFTER the election.

Do you think Obama, the former occupant of the Oval Office who never left Washington DC and pushed Kamal Harris as his third term selection has anything to do with this?

President Trump today noted the majority of Americans despite the Democrat globalist media umbrella of censorship are aware there is something most definitely rotten in Denmark with the November election. Twatter is making its Big Tech contribution by censorsing President Trump, the most important account on that platform with well over 80 million followers. That’s not a typo, over 80 million.


Talking Ed Note: 12-11-20 While there are reports the Kamala Harris people are behind a series of “House of Cards” efforts to take out Joe Biden with the now admitted Department of Justice investigation into Hunter Biden and a money laundering operation alleged globally, there’s indications it’s not the sole reason.

While the Democrat globalist media studiously worked to keep the blockbuster Joe Hunter laptop story suppressed before the election, it’s obvious now with the Eric Swalwell years-long Communist China cultivation, there are many moving parts and many officials elected and otherwise involved.

According to the former Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, the revelations about the Chinese Communists years in the making recruiting Swalwell, his specific case is but “the tip of the iceberg.”

Grenell last night stated many people in government snared by the Communist China network of spies.

“Without giving away too much intelligence, I can tell you a lot of other people in Government are under (Communist) China’s influence… mayor’s governors, senior people. This is the tip of the iceberg.”

Swawell admits that the Democrat leadership, re: Nancy Pelosi knew. 

More to come. 

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