Meeting Post Mortem: Let the games begin!

Last night’s City Council meeting ran until almost 12:30 in the morning. A grueling affair and one that revealed the difficulties ahead in moving the town’s business forward. The attempts at obstruction and the disingenuous attacks on Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer came to the fore for all to see. Kurt at the Hoboken Journal has posted up the links in two parts. If you want to see the old dark ways at their finest, watch the end of part two at the two hour and one minute mark where Mike Russo along with family member Terry Castellano attempts to force Dawn Zimmer out of the City Council by accepting nomination into being interim mayor only. And notice his smirking at the end when his ruse is upended. Transparency or transparent?

As reported in Hoboken Now, one of two roles for Hoboken Housing Authority Board was voted on ending with a 9-0 vote for Jake Stuiver, the former campaign manager for Councilwoman Beth Mason’s spring bid for mayor. Although the process was somewhat contentious, foretelling every future bit of business at City Hall it appears, we heartily congratulate Jake on this position. Hoboken could use more like him.

Hoboken Now’s story on potential candidates who have picked up petitions for mayor in the November election is out and it features some great quotes making clear that last night’s efforts were no mere distraction, but a call to arms.

Our earlier bet and satirical piece on Frank “Pupie” Raia running looks solid and also Terry Castellano who is positioning herself with some less than pleasant comments about the Acting Mayor’s leadership. Said leadership that she of course looks to undermine to bring back the old dark ways.

Here’s a classic City Council video of Terry Castellano promoting “affordable housing” at Church Towers from Hoboken’s chronicler of government events, etevens. Note that it’s estimated that 40% of the Church Tower residents exceed the income requirements but Councilwoman Castellano doesn’t fight for the Hoboken civil servants like our teachers, police and fire who deserve an opportunity for such apartments. Instead she fights to continue the status quo so those that exceed the income limits never have to consider moving on. And if you don’t like it she advises you to get out.

For those who don’t already know, Councilman Mike Russo also lives in subsidized housing at the same Church Towers (when he’s not at his Jersey shore home).

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