Pony Profile: Nancy Pincus

There was some question about the new Zoning Board members and Mile Square View decided it would be good to give some insight into each in our Guest of the Stable series.  One candidate, Nancy Pincus was mentioned on as not well known so Da Horsey started a new series, called Pony Profile.  Nancy Pincus is an architectural designer and graphic artist, and a 13-year resident of Hoboken. After graduating from Cooper Union’s School of Architecture in 1986, her first project experience was The Ellis Island Museum of Immigration, which has influenced her professional persepctive to this day on the thought and care with which architects/builders must use when integrating modern elements or entire modern structures into existing ‘historc’ structures, and neighborhoods. 

She relates to what she sees happening in Hoboken; desires by individuals or developers seeking variances, and the consequences that alter the face of our historic little city. She doesn’t view this as a negative necessarily, but believes too little thought has been given to the quality of design, and the value of maintaining the scale, density and unique qualities of our city. Nancy hopes she can provide a perspective to the Zoning Board that will support the growth of our town in a way that compliments our streets and Hoboken identity.  

Nancy detailed her view saying, “We will all be dead in a couple of decades (looking on the bright side), so the changes we make to the town we inherited will be our legacy to the next generation.  What do we want that to be?  We have to be guardians of the  past, without stifling expression and some expansion to accomodate the needs of this generation: a delicate balance.  And of course, there is law and precedent in the mix.  I can guarantee that I will always be fair, and come to each hearing with an open mind.”

Nancy lived in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, for two years where again, she saw numerous examples of  the integration of (very) old and modern design.  Overall her experience spans 20 years working as a architectural designer/ project architect on an array of project types for prestigious corporate clients; since her daughter was born she’s been consulting part-time; raising her daughter has been her ‘fulltime’ job. Active behind-the-scenes, Nancy recently worked as the graphic artist for the Kids First campaign, and continues to support the improvement of the public school system in Hoboken.  

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