Politrickin Special: the Beth Russo Budget saga goes on tonight @ 7:00

Tonight the City Council will be holding a special meeting on a budget amendment and maybe on the budget itself at 7:00.  If you have the stomach for the buffoonery of the dying days of the Beth-Russo led council, you can see all the politrickin vapidity if you dare online.

The budget is late.  The incompetence is apparent since Councilman Mike Russo showed up with a handwritten budget earlier this year.  Some have mocked the lunacy of that political parlor trick and said he got it from someone at the Three L’s on a napkin but no one can prove it.

It is still true that in the 21st century a Hoboken City Councilman showed up with a temporary budget written in pencil and demanded its consideration at the same council meeting. He said it with a straight face and Councilwoman Beth Mason sat next to him not just following along but backing the charade the whole time.

There’s been no work done to cut costs on this budget outside of the efforts of people in the Administration.  That’s no surprise and nothing new, but expect tiresome grandstanding and more obtuseness from Councilwoman Beth Mason who made a big stand of trying to stave off approving another temporary budget (again) only to see her support collapse during the vote.

For that bit of sanity in his final days as 6th ward Councilman, a big thank you to Nino Giacchi.

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