PolitickerNJ: statewide winner: Mayor Dawn Zimmer, loser: Carmelo Garcia

PolitickerNJ offered its statewide post mortem on the elections and in an unusual twist Hoboken not only was featured once but twice.

On the winner’s list:

Dawn Zimmer
Allies affiliated with the Mayor of Hoboken last night won all the contested ward races, with the exception of Zimmer’s own: Ward Four, where the mayor’s old nemesis, Ruben Ramos, reclaimed a seat on the council. The showing enables Team Zimmer to maintain control of the local governing body in a testy town.
PolitickerNJ winner: Mayor Dawn Zimmer (r) with other
Hoboken winners Councilwoman elect-Tiffanie Fisher
and Assemblywoman-elect Annette Chaparro.

In a rare instance, PolitickerNJ featured a counterpart from Hoboken, this time on the statewide loser’s list:

Carmelo Garcia 

The LD32 Assemblyman lost his bid to keep the game alive as he went down in defeat last night in his quest for a Ward 6 council seat.

PolitikerNJ – NJ loser: Carmelo G. Garcia

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