PolitickerNJ: Six questions for fourth ward council candidate Dana Wefer

PolitickerNJ shared some Q&A with Hoboken fourth ward council candidate Dana Wefer who also is chair of the Hoboken Housing Authority.

A sample of their conversation reveals some distinguishing factors Wefer feels work in her stead against incumbent Timmy Occhipinti and 2013 mayoral candidate Ruben Ramos.

In the article, Wefer explains why she feels Occhipinti has come up short on several fronts and why Ruben Ramos would similarly act in shortchanging fourth ward residents.

She boldly predicts she will have the backing of Mayor Dawn Zimmer, herself a formidable candidate who came out of some memorable slug fests in 2007 against hometown favorite Chris Campos.

Could Hoboken be seeing history repeat itself?

Dana Wefer excelled at uncovering and rooting out
questionable practies detrimental to the Hoboken Housing
Authority. Now she wants to deliver for the fourth ward
in the Hoboken City Council.
The PolitickerNJ full interview with Dana Wefer is available at:

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