Political operatives litter streets with midnight flyer attacking Grafix Avenger

Proving that political season is in full swing in Hoboken, an attack on one parent with a daughter in the school district is the target of a political operative midnight flier attack.  Once again, it’s a SLAPP against a certain Hoboken mom with a daughter in the district in earshot of an upcoming BoE election

Of course the mom under attack is Grafix Avenger.

The flier demands the Kids First slate denounce their graphic designer.  There’s just one problem,
Grafix Avenger is not their graphic designer.


A midnight attack flier is on the streets and the timing of the political operatives’ effort is
an interesting  backdrop to a SLAPP suit.  The flier insists the Kids First slate must
denounce its graphic designer only Grafix Avenger isn’t working on the KF campaign.
Interesting timing or a Hoboken coincidence?

Well putting aside that blunder (among many), this is a political hit job and a timely one.

Echoing the refrain of “bully tactics” similar to the “cyberbullying” comment by political operatives in recent months on Hoboken Patch and Councilwoman Beth Mason in the Hudson Reporter, the flier hyperventilates numerous retreaded attacks depicting Beth Mason and related political operatives as victims.

There’s also an uncanny resemblance to the whining in the Hudson Reporter’s comments section by one lame sounding CakeBoss commenter last August.

Hoboken Move Forward co-campaign manager Joe Branco declined to comment on the midnite flier saying he didn’t know anything about it and couldn’t speak to it as he hasn’t seen it.

MSV offered to send him a copy but he didn’t express any interest.

Talking Ed Note: The question is with a million dollar SLAPP suit out and about, why now?  That my friends is the million dollar question.

Does any of this song remains the same lament have an air of desperation?

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