Police Union Contract on Wednesday’s CC Agenda

The long discussed and rumored terms of a potential police union agreement are now available for review by Hoboken residents with a vote coming as soon as the next City Council meeting this Wednesday.  The terms mirror those in the original story broken by Timothy Carroll in the Hudson Reporter with raises spelled out retroactive for two years prior at 3.9% and this year and next at 2.3%.  The rumored move of the medical insurance carrier is also part of the potential agreement along with other benefit changes.  

The release is posted on the City Hall website with a note from Council President Peter Cunningham.  In order to provide the public time to evaluate and consider the details, the decision was made to publicly post them Sunday and allow Hoboken residents to consider the details leading into Wednesday’s regularly scheduled City Council meeting.

Some weeks back, the Fiscal State Monitor Judy Tripodi admitted her authority to make the final decision on the police union contract was no longer true.  Previous to that public comment, Councilman Ravi Bhalla had stated the City Council retained the legal right to vote up or down on the contract.

Here is the statement from Council President Peter Cunningham:

On Wednesday, March 17th the City Council will be voting on the proposed terms of the Memorandum of Understandings for the PBA and PSOA Police contracts negotiated by State Fiscal Monitor Judy Tripodi. As advised by labor counsel, Mayor Zimmer has asked the City Council to determine whether or not the terms should be released prior to the City Council meeting. As City Council President, with guidance from corporation counsel, I hereby formally request that the proposed terms for both contracts be posted on the City’s web site as soon as possible.
The proposed terms for the contracts will be first on the agenda at Wednesday’s meeting, and I invite the public to voice your opinion on this important issue.
Thank you.
Council President Cunningham

More to come.  This story is breaking.

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