Police put a face on layoffs

Last night the City Council meeting was an orchestrated show of support against the layoffs and demotions announced at City Hall last June.  Emotions were high, some members speaking with pride of their service, some personally, others of their commitment and calling to duty.  Almost all were heartfelt and reflected sincere stories of why they serve Hoboken.

Police Chief Falco upholding professionalism in the ranks.  Mayor Zimmer rear stayed for the entire public discussion after introducing the transition budget to the City Council.

Police Chief Falco spoke and at times exceedingly well of seeking a dialogue, searching to minimize the fallout on his department and regain the morale he had brought in his lead role in the organization.  He insisted on professionalism from department members and their families and on the whole he got it.  He exhibited the leadership Hoboken has come to expect.

We’ll have more on the meeting last night.  For now, we’ll just note there’s some honest disagreement among some on the police and the public.  But the challenges Hoboken faces should never be cast as the public vs. the police or vice versa.  Those extremes need to be moderated and quickly or the fallout will be far worse for everyone involved.

Here’s an example of a gracious voice, and one her family must be proud: Lauren Mecka.  Just now beginning college, she spoke eloquently on behalf of her brother.  She was maybe the youngest person in attendance who spoke throughout the evening but she showed class far beyond her years.  

Lauren Mecka speaking on behalf of her brother who was ill 

 Full disclosure: Da Horsey knows and respects her father, Ed Mecka a proud retired Captain of the Hoboken Police Department and a founding member of POG, People for Open Government.  

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