Pointing to logic, President Trump urges Democrats to stop useless lockdowns

President Trump who launched Operation Warp Speed delivering not one but two Trump Vaccines this year attempting to point out the obvious.

The failed lockdowns fail to provide mythical protection from the spread of the Chinese Communist Party Virus in what some have called “the nursing home disease.”

Even after months of this foolish dance, the Democrats continue to insist on tyrannical, counterproductive lockdowns in states where they maintain control to the detriment of far more Americans, all but destroying their lives and freedoms simultaneously while clinging to yet more failure harming the economy and jobs.

An appeal to common sense is failing in the midst of massive, degenerate brainwashing. Many are simply incapable of critically looking at the most simple facts and basic math devolving toward obedience to the ChiComDem Media Hate Machine.

Talking Ed Note: Meanwhile another recent study points to massive misinformation on the spread of the CCP virus. As masks are shown outdoors as nothing but useless in statistical study after study, Americans completely brainwashed not only continue to believe they are useful in stopping the spread of the CCP Virus; they cling to the mistaken belief they are “protected” in doing so.

Recently, the AMA finally admitted what people around the globe already know from more than a hundred studies. HCQ, demonized for political and financial reasons is highly effective at prevention and early treatment for the CCP Virus.

Now, another study shows the asymptomatic spread of the CCP Virus is yet another crock proving the entire lockdown of small businesses unnecessary and debilitating for reasons having nothing to do with science.

A study published this month in the American Medical Association’s JAMA Network Open journal has offered further evidence that asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 may be significantly lower than previously thought. 

Fears of COVID-19 spreading asymptomatically have persisted since shortly after the beginning of the pandemic. Many public health authorities in the United States and elsewhere initially argued that only those individuals with symptoms of COVID-19 should take precautions such as wearing masks and staying at home.

 Last spring, I contacted a colleague who works for Governor Murphy and shared early findings by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko who reported not losing a single patient among hundreds he treated using HCQ and zinc. This week, Twitter censored Dr. Zelenko who continues to share data and facts on the effectiveness of HCQ against the CCP Virus around the globe.

Why are science and doctors being censored by Big Tech? 

Last spring, when President Trump indicated that HCQ could be a powerful tool against the CCP Virus, the entirety of the Dem Media Hate Machine aligned with Big Pharma to attack him and battled strenuously to keep the low-cost drug used safely for more than six decades used globally out of the hands of doctors.

Even after more than a hundred global studies show the highly effective application of HCQ, I’ve seen people angered by this simple fact and demand I stop sharing the truth. I’ve literally heard screaming from Democrats over months who refused to accept any fact on the effectiveness about HCQ used against the CCP Virus.

What’s more important, not triggering deranged ideological hatred or saving American lives? Months earlier, a local police officer reached out to me to share his story how HCQ combination therapy had not only saved his life but his mother who had underlying illness. Sharing this factual account previously has not impacted the brainwashing one iota.

More recently, party-line disciples refuse to accept any and all studies showing how effectively HCQ is against the CCP Virus early in transmission.

If “the Party,” CNN and their Dem Media Hate Machine controllers say no, then science is to be ignored. Sadly, this means the shutdown of same and great Americans like Dr. Zelenko.

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