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Almost from the AP:
Dawn Zimmer’s personal attorney has filed for a restraining order in Hoboken Municipal Court today, against the person known by various internet IDs, such as “RedHaven,” “Professor Pinetap,” “Colonelstevens,” “David Zenn” and “MarkLower.”
This deranged individual was deemed a danger to the mayor of Hoboken by virtue of his obsessive blogging about her, his pathological inability to separate her from natural phenomena like the four seasons, the sun’s rising and setting, and the earth’s daily rotation on its axis… lastly, this maniac’s destructive impulses have led him to ruin the reputation and readership of a popular Hoboken blog with the publishing of his active fantasy life starring Mayor Zimmer.
It is believed that Mayor Zimmer resembles a former flame or his mother, and his refusal to seek psychiatric help has forced Zimmer to seek a restraining order.
The ‘final straw’ for Zimmer was when this lunatic lamented that “Zimmer/HCDO” would be selecting the replacement for Phil DeFalco, a Hoboken Board of Education member who has just resigned. The paranoid Zimmer-centered fantasies of this individual– his belief that Zimmer controls the Hoboken School Board, on full display yet again, made the decision, what a Zimmer aide called “a no-brainer”
Mayor Zimmer’s office declined to comment on this story.

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