Phil Cohen deconstructs the Hoboken Sopranos lawsuit scam

At the previous City Council meeting last Wednesday, Councilwoman Terry Castellano claimed Hoboken resident Phil Cohen was incorrect about everything on his criticism of her and MORTe.

In this clip, further discussion sheds light on the manufactured lawsuit staged last October where the plot was hatched to have consecutive absences to avoid a full vote of the council so Mayor Zimmer could not cast a legally binding tie breaker.

Beth Mason was first to disappear and skulk away on the important vote to back fill the council seat with Jim Doyle.  Michel Russo would do so two weeks later with an eye on having the council vacancy law’s 30 day limit expire.  Russo no longer mealy mouths about any one’s daughter having to go to the hospital – nor did he directly claim he was unable to be at the meeting due to his daughter having a fever and going to the hospital, presumably with him in tow.

Cohen calls Castellano’s insistence the City not defend itself hiring an attorney a conflict of interest as the Mason family went out obtaining two attorneys: former Corporation Counsel Steve Kleinman (who Mason admitted to Peter Cunningham in an earlier meeting was on her payroll for legal work) and another high priced New York City based attorney.

Here’s some irony.  After the Hoboken Sopranos legal obstruction, they haven’t missed any regular council meetings thus maximizing their new advantage sidelining the swing seat held by reform.

As Phil Cohen says, after their defeat in Hudson Superior Court where Assignment Judge Peter Bariso slammed their “gamesmanship,” it’s all about power.

The Hoboken Sopranos: Michael Russo, Beth Mason, Tim Occhipinti minus Terry Castellano here lost their
manufactured lawsuit but have scored a win for months by making appeals courtesy of the Mason family.
As a result, Jim Doyle’s legal appointment is on hold going back to early this year.  

Talking Ed Note: The Hoboken Sopranos don’t care about the law, they have no respect for law, the institutions or Hoboken People.

The legal obstruction game comes courtesy of the Mason family.  Thank Beth Mason next time you see her for her checkbook obstruction.  The defeat at the beginning of this year remains out on appeal with the NJ Appellate Court.

The manufactured lawsuit was a loser when concocted, proven so in Superior Court but the Hoboken Sopranos win because the Mason family continues to make appeals.  The bill to the people of Hoboken is over $20,000 AND COUNTING.

It’s a total scam.

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