Peter Cunningham’s one word answer to Beth Mason

Councilwoman Beth Mason’s charge two sites near her home are under consideration for the Municipal Garage as stated by a city spokesman and City Council President Peter Cunninham is meeting some resistance.  And it’s not just coming from some of the commenters here on MSV.

To the charge the City Council President has spoken out to consider the two sites mentioned in Councilwoman Mason’s email communication earlier today, Peter Cunningham sent a terse one word reply:


Earlier this year, Councilwoman Beth Mason attacked the Council President for a “blatant” conflict of interest when he voted along with the entire City Council in a 9-0 vote to have an attorney continue ongoing work on the Lt. Andriani case.  Peter Cunningham was not present at the time of the Councilwoman’s attack as he was attending a family funeral.

A review sought by some City Council members including Councilwoman Mason was later released by the Corporation Counsel Michael Kates clearing the City Council President of any wrong doing.

The RFP process for potential Municipal Garage locations was reissued. No decision has been made on any potential location to this point. 

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