Peter Cunningham: new website & 700 paper ballots: ‘You just don’t understand Hoboken elections’

Dear Friends, Family and Neighbors,

Our official website is now up and running.  Please take a minute and check out and read about Lower taxes, Quality of Life and Economic Development.  These are three of the most important issues we face in Hoboken today.  This will be a hard fought race, and you can never have enough volunteers, so we will need your help to be successful. 

In the 5th ward, I will have three opponents squarely aligned with political powers with access to special interest money and independently wealthy individuals.  All three of my opponents supported the 4th Ward outcome in November 2010, and the other day one candidate went so far to tell me that 700 absentee ballots was “Ok” and that I didn’t understand Hoboken elections.  

Hmmm…with that comment alone, we should be concerned that voter fraud could be wide spread – again this May and June.

Beware!  They are not independent as they will claim to be.

Please join our team for fiscal stability and lower taxes, good honest government and continued focus on quality of life issues.  We have so much more to accomplish, and hope you agree that we are moving Hoboken forward.  As always, please pass around, and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  


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