Peter Cammarano’s problems grow $95,000 courtesy of NJ ELEC

Peter Cammarano, the disgraced former Hoboken mayor received bad news before Thanksgiving.

The convicted felon who went to the federal clink for taking $25,000 in bribes from an FBI informant in a 2009 sting was hit with $95,000 in fines courtesy of NJ ELEC.

The state agency overseeing campaign compliance says Peter Cammarano didn’t comply in timely reporting $1,000,000 received in campaign loot.

The $95,000 penalty catapaults Cammarano atop the all-time Hoboken violators list surpassing the notorious former second ward councilwoman Beth Mason. She was whacked with approximately $44,000 for similar NJ ELEC campaign violations back in 2015.

Former Hoboken mayor and felon Peter Cammarano won’t be applauding his $95,000
in fines courtesy of NJ ELEC. Stop clapping.

In other news, the Hoboken Hilton Hotel deal hit a logjam with a lawsuit filed by other developer interests in town unhappy with the deal cooked up by Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

They filed a lawsuit in Hudson Superior Court decrying the unfairness of it all and the lack of diversity.
Don’t you love diversity especially in development deals?

Talking Ed Note: A big issue of MSV Premium is in the works delayed by the holiday weekend and non-stop doings in the Mile Square City. In the interim, let us forge ahead or back to the mayor’s office. YMMV.

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