Peter Cammarano released from federal prison to halfway house

According to a Federal Bureau of Prisons spokesman late today, Peter Cammano has been released from Lewisburg prison in Pennsylvania and will serve out the remainder of his term at an undisclosed halfway house.

“Usually inmates are released near to where they have family and can obtain work,” Edmond Ross, a spokesman for the agency said adding, “The RRC (Resident -Re-entry Center) is private and we don’t provide that information.”  The rules for each halfway house differ but generally they have standards on seeking work or performing in a job as part of a process to integrate back into society.

Cammarano, 34 was originally sentenced to 24 months for accepting $25,000 in a series of bribes from Federal informant Solomon Dwek.  He’s projected to serve in the undisclosed halfway house until his official release date of March 11, 2012 and had been serving in Lewisburg Federal Prison in Pensylvania since October 2010.

There are no additional reductions from service in the halfway house per statute Ross said.

Peter Cammarano – speaking to the cameras about a week before resignation.
He’s officially on the loose at an undisclosed halfway house.

Halfway houses have their own rules and Federal prison inmates are required to have jobs awaiting on release or make an assurance of doing so.  Typically, inmates are selected from among those who are not involved in violent crimes.  A RRC inmate is considered in federal custody while serving out the duration of their sentence and are monitored 24 hours a day by staff.

Inmates are released from the halfway house through an official sign out process solely for activities and drug and alcohol use is not permitted.

Talking Ed Note: One felon is on his way out.  Who’s on their way in?  According to a Grafix Avenger story, the rotation may be beginning:

When will Cammarano’s supporters Perry and Lane be holding their trampoline party?

Hoboken Now is confirming MSV’s story yesterday and adds Cammarano has been released to a New York based halfway house.

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