Perry Belfiore instructs reform council “control your animal”

In rant against Councilman Ravi Bhalla, Ruben Ramos insider Perry Belfiore calls him an “animal”

In a clear sign of severe frustration leading into the November election, long time politico Perry Belfiore ranted a list of grievances he’s held against Councilman Ravi Bhalla urging reform oriented council members in conclusion to “control your animal.”

Most of the antics at last week’s council meeting consisted of minor issues from years ago, almost all unsubstantiated but each are high on Perry Belfiore’s list.  He recently was given time on the Beth Mason sponsored website Hoboken411 to vent his spleen with rather weak and tepid criticism.

Here Belfiore amps it up to pre-election foul levels and spends most of his time complaining about a Hoboken Housing Authority contract never issued to Florio Perucci.  The firm recently hired Councilman Bhalla as an attorney.  Putting aside those realities, Belfiore concludes it’s a conflict of interest.

In a round about defense of the flailing Ruben Ramos mayoral campaign, Belfiore who some say is the master strategist and hoped to be named Business Administrator under a Ramos mayoralty refers to the letter from Corporation Counsel criticizing a conflict where HHA counsel Charles Daglian sat in a meeting advocating for his own contract. He states that critical letter came about due to Councilman Bhalla’s intervention.

Only Belfiore has nary a word to say about the contract for Daglian passed (and later nullified) in that HHA vote.  He takes no issue with it whatsoever.  He does however insist that the City’s counsel was summoned by Councilman Bhalla to weigh in on what HUD itself described as “legally flawed,” reported exclusively here by MSV.

In point of fact, the letter by Hoboken Corporation Counsel was legally requested by then HHA Chair Jake Stuiver and is part of the legal process permitted by HUD in raising just such a conflict orchestrated by HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia and Charles Daglian.  At the last HHA meeting, a seventh attempt was made by Garcia to push another approval for Daglian’s contract.  It was met affirmatively by Ramos council slate candidate Eduardo Gonzalez – however, the attempt failed.

Where else but Hoboken can a contractor repeatedly insult his bosses and insist they approve his selection after more than half-a-dozen attempts to pass a contract where the board members have clearly expressed no confidence?

Does any of this give Perry Belfiore pause?

Belfiore continues with his litany of attacks on Councilman Bhalla throwing innuendo around where no compensation or payment can be remotely demonstrated taking a wild shot at Councilman Dave Mello who is also on the November ballot.

One can say this is merely politics but it’s not.  It’s bitter, sour grapes in advance of an election.  The strategy hatched by the Ramos campaign depended on all voters remotely open to voting against Mayor Zimmer and her council slate uniting behind his campaign. Undoubtedly, it was a good idea at the time but as Al Sullivan accurately noted over the weekend; it came without consultation of other Old Guard politicos. Once Frank “Pupie” Raia put a slate and money with the Mason family in, the jig was up.

Perry Belfiore’s bitter rant might as well be viewed within the prism of someone who is tossing vitriol after losing an election. That’s pretty much what it is but the HHA residents re: Carmelitos in attendance eat it up and cheer madly.

Will they be doing so after the November election?

Here’s the full, unedited performance of one Business Adminstrator aspirant: Perry Belfiore.

Talking Ed Note: It’s hard not to conclude after witnessing this sad display that for the Perry Belfiore’s of the Hoboken political world, the writing is on the wall and a long held plan to see Assemblyman Ruben Ramos become mayor is looking all but impossible.

The lashing out, the bitterness, the anger without any discernible factual support is an obvious indicator the party is over.

Belfiore is a sharp observer of the local political scene.  Thursday night MSV saw on the corner of the Ramos HQ, Perry Belfiore speaking with former fourth ward councilman Chris Campos and another unknown man while several feet away, field campaign manager John Castellano was speaking with another person who has been in the Hoboken news lately:

Carmelo Garcia.

It was 8:00 pm, relatively early for the campaign to be calling it a night.
Last one out of the office, turn out the lights.

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