Pending political disaster for Beth Mason means the end of the gravy train for her longtime political operatives

Latest reverberations on MSV’s exclusive series on the Hoboken Democratic Committee
With disaster looming and finally acknowledged with lagging media on the latest Beth Mason political operation to gain control of the largely cermonial position of Hoboken Democratic Chair, the cessation of continuous years long operations against Hoboken people isn’t the only likely end at hand.
Paydays for Beth Mason’s interloper political operatives will come to a screeching halt for declared “business partner” James “FinBoy” Barracato and Adam Alonso.

MSV independent sources state the Mason family checkbook will be clamped shut on James “FinBoy” Barracato and other paid political operatives in tandem with her political aspirations crumbling.

Last month this website exclusively reported the Russo family would hold complete sway on the votes in the June 2nd Democratic Committeee election selecting the next Chair.

Buried in a Beth Mason advertorial in the Hudson Reporter is the acknowledgement of Old Guard party leader Michael Russo’s less than tactful public nod to Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano to assume the role.

Romano paid homage in return, suggesting the Old Guard powers are clamping down and made a decision to forestall further upheaval for the largely ceremonial post stating “Hopefully, they (the Russo family) can merge and calm the situtation down.”

A “merge” of the Democratic Committee votes is not in doubt after Tuesday’s election. MSV previously noted only a handful of the 80 citywide seats are being contested.

Michael Russo’s feel-good public pronouncement there’s no feuding with Beth Mason for the seat aside, the united Old Guard leadership posture is sure to send a strong message to upper Hudson Street via Weehawken and Mason’s fish a decision on the matter is final.

Which means a dark, watery grave for one Weehawken fish and company’s gravy train no matter how much pleading, bribing and threats to run Beth Mason in the second ward burn up the phone lines.

Years long Beth Mason political operative and “business partner” James “FinBoy” Barracato is facing the end of the gravy train if public pronouncements icing efforts to see Beth Mason made chair of the Hoboken Democratic Committee sink her once and for all. 

Talking Ed Note: The latest Hoboken developments led to Da Horsey taking a peak into the treasure trove of emails from the Bajardi v Pincus civil litigation.

Here’s a taste of Beth Mason’s political operatives firmly inserted in the 2010 Timmy Occhipinti council campaign. Looks like there’s a bit more than debate prep work going on as concerns explode how candidate Timmy is not looking “independent” at all.

Here’s Beth Mason political operatives James Barracato, Lane Bajardi and Adam Alonso moaning about media communications with Jamie Cryan and the foul mouthed David Cruz.

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