Pearson sets sights on Hoboken bringing 700 jobs

The rumor of Pearson SLC coming to Hoboken with State incentives totaling $84 million is confirmed based on a CBS radio report today showing hundreds of the jobs will be moving to lower Manhattan too.

The move from Upper Saddle River anticipated for summer 2014 will split its employees between New York City and Hoboken.  Of 1300 jobs, 700 will be coming to the Mile Square city.

Pearson will be leaving its Saddle River corporate setting for New York and Hoboken.
Hoboken will see the majority of the jobs arrive here.

Talking Ed Note: Here are the top 10 reasons this is good news for Hoboken:

  • Hoboken411’s Zimmer hatred burns red, Perry Klaussen’s head threatens to explode
  • No speech at City Council by Mason’s friend/Hoboken411 minion blaming Zimmer
  • No prepared speech by Beth Mason demanding she announce this news
  • More people out in downtown Hoboken during work hours at Pier A Park
  • More people out enjoying Pier C during weekday lunchtime
  • No email blast from Beth Mason taking credit for Pearson coming (for now) 
  • No photo ops with NJ Transit, Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti taking credit
  • Hoboken’s status elevated as an optimal place for business
  • Boost to local businesses especially downtown
  • It’s Zimmer’s fault

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