Peace breaks out all over Hudson County

Well not quite, but the shades of differences among the varied corners of Hudson County are uniting for the re-election of County Executive Tom Deguise.

Deguise is the executive over a budget of more than $500 million dollars and his interface with government above and below is critical to the smooth operation of government on both ends. 
Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced her support for what appears to be an unopposed bid for re-election. The mayor’s nod to the inevitable comes after almost every single Hudson County mayor endorsed Deguise in an early strategic bid to retain the role. Mayor Steve Fulop is the sole Hudson County mayor who has not come in from the cold.
The video of the announcement comes courtesy of John Heinis of the Hudson County View.

Talking Ed Note: Hudson County is already conquered as far as the re-election bid for County Executive but MSV does not agree with it nor Mayor Zimmer.

Until Hudson County begins to make the professional reforms seen here in Hoboken and based on 21st century governance standards, no backing for existing leadership is warranted. Hoboken is vacuumed annually tens of millions of dollars, the effectiveness being very much in doubt.

Hoboken is being pulverized year after year with Hudson County’s tax increases and it now comprises the largest portion of Hoboken taxpayer’s local bill. It’s unacceptable and the county machine is sleepwalking through any overhaul in cost cutting and streamlining its operations.

While the political reality suggests a good working relationship is in order and understandably so, MSV does not support and will not endorse any re-election of any official who doesn’t move the ball on change bringing much overdue reform.

Previously, Freeholder Bill O’Dea was considered a likely opponent in a bid for County Executive. He would have been a novel choice. If only.  Mayor Fulop of Jersey City is the last Hudson County mayor not to endorse the county executive.

The wheels of the machine continue spinning to its own music. Hoboken is not an isle, if only…

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