Parting is such sweet sorrow: final vote on November elections repeal easily passes

Tonight at 7:30 is the special City Council meeting on rescinding the ordinance for November municipal elections.  It should be relatively quick but of course there will be some grandstanding from the pent up demand since the last meeting.

Those who saw it will recall the Old Guard meltdown when they could not air their dirty linen with the city’s legal protections after a closed session leading into a vote on the Tim Occhipinti – Beth Mason resolution to take out Grafix Avenger for her political series of FBI letters.  Timmy was so frightened by the hilarity in letter no. 4, he called the Hoboken Police Department.  (This even though he couldn’t find his name or address in the same imaginary letter.)
There’s some bitterness on this issue too as a bunch of kids were paid to collect signatures and stop the PATH hikes too, or so they said.  Next year, the exercise can be repeated when it will really matter with a high profile November election in the mix.

So we get to do it all over again possibly, but in 2012.

Post Meeting Update:

The meeting held to form on rescinding November elections 7-1.  Tim Occhipinti voted against his allies and former campaign manager and financial backer Frank “Pupie” Raia to approve what they were requesting: May municipal elections.   Call it confused bitterness.

Councilwoman Beth Mason voted to move municipal elections back to May and thanked Frank “Pupie” Raia and others who worked to see the threat of a 2011 November referendum keep the status quo.

A bond ordinance that would ease the sale of the hospital’s cost to the City involving the midtown garage introduced by Councilman Peter Cunningham is in trouble out of the gate.  The Council of No is looking to sabotage (again) changing the tax status of the midtown garage saving the City money by seeing it obtain a lower interest rate. Where did we see this last?  For those who said the Municipal Garage, here’s your cookie.  Six votes are required to pass a bond ordinance.

That shows you how much they truly care about removing the $52 bond from around Hoboken taxpayers’ necks.  They much prefer to play politics at the taxpayer’s expense and have tried every way possible to crush the sale of the hospital.

Councilwoman Beth Mason repeatedly called the hospital “an asset.”  Someone should clue her in on reality.  An asset has to make you money, not be on the brink of bankruptcy and closing after suffering million dollar losses year after year.

Back in 2007, Beth Mason was very vocal that the City of Hoboken should not own the hospital.  Now she is more vocal in sabotaging the sale.  Go figure.

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