Parks and Open Space Meeting tonight with Mayor Zimmer @ 7:00 – LIVE!

If you can’t make the public meeting tonight, MSV will be covering it live. It will also be available for viewing online as part of the public record for Hoboken.

During the 7:00-9:00 internet broadcast, please no phone calls, text or email.  Should you have a problem there may be a temporary issue – just reload this page.

MSV is pushing technology limits to do this live!  Enjoy.

Talking Ed Note: Mayor Zimmer spoke to an audience of about 100 residents discussing a multi-faceted approach to a number of areas in Hoboken (the release detailing this is above this story).

In the first 30 seconds there’s a little glitch in audio but after that it’s cleared up and the broadcast is fine.

After the mayor spoke, various Directors were on hand to answer questions on detailed proposals and plans. A key feature of where things go depends on the public’s input and the mayor emphasized that component.

Sinatra Field has two options as engineers are continuing to work through the issues along with the big process of obtaining DEP approval.  One option is to keep the field where it is at higher cost, the other is to move it closer to the road and bring down the costs.

The Hoboken Journal put up some shots of sketches showing each. 

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