Paper Ballot Tsunami strikes the BoE Election!


If past is prologue, here’s a story you probably won’t read about in any “real” Hoboken news source until well after the election.  Indeed, should the past hold to form, you’ll only see a story long after the elections are counted and certified.

Rumblings about the rampant fraud in paper ballots noted extensively here last fall in the 4th ward special election have led to disturbing vote by mail totals on the upcoming BoE election this Wednesday as a new record of the questionable paper is hitting the County Board of Elections. 

Last year well over 300 vote by mail ballots from the back of the fourth ward were counted in favor of one late breaking slate with perennial candidate Frank Raia, a local developer listed as its campaign treasurer.  This year’s tally heading to 600 citywide is a virtual tsunami!

The 2011 beneficiary of such questionable activity appears headed to another Frank Raia backed slate “the Whole Child,” consisting of the Hoboken Housing Executive Director Carmelo Garcia, BoE member Frances Rhodes-Kearns and Peter Biancamano.

Unlike last year’s statistical anomaly where 90% of all the vote by mail paper ballots came out of the 4th ward’s Housing Authority, it’s being supplemented with an effort into other staples of the old guard’s voting blocks.

Sample VBM page from the current BoE race.  Note the dates and the building concentration.  The anomalies here are surely going to be repeated in the citywide ward races for council next month. 

The breakdown from the Hudson County board of Elections reveals the exact collection activity of April’s paper ballot gold rush:

4/21- 145 ballots
4/20-   13 ballots
4/19- 112 ballots
4/18-   17 ballots
4/15-   31 ballots
4/14- 270 ballots

From the submissions it’s clear the heavy load of ballots received occurred in the middle of the month, statistical activity indicative of an organized human effort, re: people walking the absentee ballots (vbm) in.

The Grafix Avenger Russo insider, Deep Uvula lampooned the reform group’s lack of ground troops recently saying they would be overwhelmed by their operation in both organization and absentee (vbm) ballots – funded by the “goodness” of Beth Mason.

Based on the collection dates, it’s clear the heavy Old Guard ground game was able to funnel hundreds of ballots from the Hoboken Housing Authority, Church Towers – the Russo family voting base, and Applied buildings.  The last Applied, has a base in the 2nd ward considered to be the last and maybe only hope for Beth Mason to buy herself a victory in the May 10th Council race.

Of the total VBM (vote by mail) submitted to this point, over 500 have been tracked to these specific housing areas noted above.

Grafix Avenger posted its story on the latest problems in an upcoming Hoboken election asking for people to contact the New Jersey Attorney General’s criminal division and ask for oversight of both the April 27th BoE and the May 10th city council elections. The contact:

Mr. Vincent Militello
Deputy Attorney General

Grafix Avenger’s article:

According to an anonymous Russo source on Grafix Avenger, operations leading to the downfall of Reform in upcoming elections is due to the “goodness” of Beth Mason’s funding.  Last fall’s massive voter fraud appears well underway again.

Talking Ed Note: Is it time for another protest at City Hall already?  Short of an investigation by the New Jersey Attorney General’s office, the answer is yes.

At last week’s city council meeting, Da Horsey spoke at the end of public portion describing the “anomaly” of 500 submitted vote by mail ballots by the Tim Occhipinti campaign as “beyond an ethical nightmare.” 

It’s actually a criminal affair and the NJ AG’s office would be able to smash this in short order with minimal effort.  Since the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office sent the Occhipinti file up to the NJAG, nothing has been heard although there were rumors earlier this year the case would not be investigated.  (MSV has no confirmation on that or any result.)

If the NJAG’s office needs a little help finding the right people to get in a room, MSV would be happy to help.

It wouldn’t take long. 

This treatment of Hoboken elections as if we are a banana republic has to stop.

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