Order in the court,… uhm City Council. So sayeth the judge

It’s Showtime at 7:00.  Jim Doyle vote of the FULL COUNCIL TBD – based on Mason’s late arrival.

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Well it is somewhat odd to be getting ready for a meeting with an open council seat up for a court ordered vote and no one in the regular local media having even mentioned one word of it.

Is there a strike against good news or something?  No bias there, it’s just a misunderstanding.  Let’s put it in our new 2013 file of Hoboken media coverups and move on.  (Thankfully Katie Colaneri just earlier confirmed our reports with a lead-in to tonight’s meeting for Hoboken Patch.)  Jim Doyle’s vote is resolution 1b.

Tonight there will be a court ordered vote of the full eight seats at the council on the ninth seat regarding the status of one Jim Doyle – who never has received a full council vote due to the nefarious doings of MORTe, re: Beth Mason and Michael Russo and their staged absences (followed by staged litigation.)

Hudson County Judge Peter Bariso ordered the vote last month but the Old Guard Council made a horrid wobbly throw of a hail mary to the Appellate Court and had that all but ignored as it fell with a thud.  Kaput.

So back to the Judge Bariso’s order for a full vote.

Word is Beth Mason will be late but showing up.  What reason for the scheduled lateness is unclear: legal meetings with lawyers, with the Feds in the blue windbreakers, not known.  (Speaking of the Boys of Summer, wasn’t it Beth Mason who promised former Councilwoman Carol Marsh information on that dialogue more than a year back?  Now all Mason has is bad words for the councilwoman who she didn’t follow up on regarding matters of a Hoboken federal investigation.)

The local media didn’t say a word about that one either.

Talking Ed Note: There’s lots of year beginning legal work on the agenda too but that’s all up in the air as the fifth swing seat on the council is open and it’s not likely there won’t be trouble from the Old Guard Council of No.

What good is it to sue the people of Hoboken if you can’t make more trouble?

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