Open thread and the reek of a rotting HudCo Weehawken fish

Everyone needs to stand up now and then, have a good stretch and get something off their chest.  If you’re just dying to tell what your horrible sister did at the Black Bear last weekend or how your neighbor got caught doing the unthinkable in the backyard this is the thread for you.

You can also talk about any issue on your mind in our fair town such as a possible police department overhaul, the police union counterproposal or what you think disgraced former mayor Cammarano’s sentence will be.  It’s anticipated to fall in the two year ballpark although the felony carries a twenty year maximum.  Just do it judge!

The famous Cammarano condescending scowl seen here
is now gone replaced by a more humbled visage.

After Thursday’s announcement in Newark federal court, Cammarano will look ahead to serving his sentence and should leave prison a convicted felon, forfeiting his law license.

We’re not sure of the standards at Seton Hall Law School anyway these days.  There’s a fishy Weehawken employee attending there now and like his hero Cammarano, he’s not very fond of ethics.

Forgetting the outlier fish for the moment, one question people are asking; did Peter Cammarano give up some valuable evidence re: rat to obtain a relatively light sentence recommendation from the prosecutor of two to two and a half years?  His criminal defense lawyer is one of the state’s best but the boys of summer down in Newark had an airtight case with Cammarano openly bragging on tape he was more than willing to trade on the office of mayor for yet more green than the $25,000 he had netted.

Wonder how the “locked down” vote thinks about their Petey boy these days?  “A dream has been put on hold,” goes one lovely refrain after his arrest.  For Hoboken at least, that nightmare is finally almost over.

Will Jimmy Barracuta, aka fin boy of Weehawken be taking off Thursday to see off his pal Cammarano?  The fish announced the plea bargain several hours before anyone else posted the story back in the spring.  When he brags about consorting with those in the sewer in HudCo, he’s not lying.  Give fin boy credit, he’s made one true statement in 2010.  Congrats Jimmy!

Fin Boy and his HudCo pals are not looking so good lately with Cammarano’s sentencing this Thursday

In fact one of fin boy’s favorite local bands is The Hudson County Scumbags.  Before he took down his social network websites, he listed them among his favs.

Having said that, don’t feel you need to discuss any of these topics.  You’re more than free to choose your own.  Talk amongst yourselves.

Related: Hoboken has a story now up on the police union’s announced plan reduction focusing on attrition as being a more stable and safe way to downsize.

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