One last endorsement?

We just got a press release from the Brinkman campaign.  We’re posting it as is, not a moment too soon, just under the wire.  Anyone else?  Maybe the Cake Boss rethinks and chooses a candidate?  Or how about Eli Manning?

(HOBOKEN, November 2) – Steve Forbes – New Jersey native, CEO of Forbes, Inc., editor in chief of Forbes magazine, and co-author of the 30 percent income tax cut plan offered by Christie Todd Whitman in her successful 1993 run for New Jersey Governor – today endorsed Nathan Brinkman for Mayor of Hoboken.
“City government in Hoboken suffers from the same problem that infects Trenton – the government is just too big,” said Forbes. “It spends too much, and taxes too much, and interferes too much with the lives of its residents.
“Nathan Brinkman wants less government, and more freedom. He believes that that government is best which governs least.
“Nathan believes that private citizens know better than bureaucrats how best to spend their own money, and he understands that Hoboken’s high property taxes are forcing seniors on fixed incomes to leave their lifelong homes, and preventing young families from buying their first.
“Nathan is a free market conservative who has a plan to shrink the size of city government and cut Hoboken’s property taxes. He’ll put the city budget and all city contracts online, reduce the city’s bloated payroll, and return the savings to Hoboken taxpayers.
“I’m pleased to join my friends Bret Schundler and Steve Goldsmith – both of whom served as successful mayors, and who showed that market oriented policies work best in urban areas – in endorsing Nathan Brinkman for Mayor of Hoboken in tomorrow’s special election,” concluded Forbes.
“Steve Forbes is the gold standard of free market conservatism,” said Brinkman. “Through the magazine he edits and the company he leads, he spreads the gospel of individual liberty and limited government.
“I’m honored, and humbled, to receive his endorsement,” Brinkman continued. “We need more people who subscribe to his thinking – and even his magazine – in Hoboken City Hall, and that’s exactly what I intend to bring to the job as Hoboken’s Mayor.”

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