Old Guard War of the Roses

The Hoboken scene appears serene on the surface but in the rough and tumble Hoboken political environment, it’s all out war and all the guns are blazing or about to let fly.

Whether it’s the traditional Hoboken Housing Authority dance of the vote-by-mail ballot buys or the knocks on the door by campaigns, winning hearts and minds is the name of the game with just a month left to election day November 5th.

First, the very successful Zimmer campaign event at the Madison last week with Eli Manning and his wife was by all accounts a huge success and not only from the fundraising aspect.  Eli and Abby were graceful and clearly engaged showing this was no mere appearance but the beginning of a down payment on the community.

A whole new facet of Hoboken residents is aware of the stakes for the future of Hoboken. Once awaken from slumber, they aren’t likely to sleep without one eye open on who’s minding the chicken coop at City Hall.

The Old Guard has bigger trouble than a Marlon Brando in “On the Waterfront.”
Its fighting not only for control of Old Hoboken and low information voters
but each other in a desperate scramble for money and power in this election.
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