Old Guard misery leads to continued rumormongering Mayor Dawn Zimmer will resign

Old Guard beseeches Mayor Zimmer: please resign, led by the Hudson Reporter

Hoboken’s political gestalt is not roused midway through January and no national, statewide or local scandal is energizing the rollicking post season holidays. Oddly, there’s one “story” which has circulated and recirculated and refuses to die.

Mayor Zimmer is resigning goes the tired refrain. Sources close to City Hall have been laughing about the Hudson Reporter’s mythology repeatedly issued week after week since before the holidays.  No one at the pro Old Guard rag picks up the phone and is willing to accept the truth they’re worse than a bad drug dealer selling polluted, life threatening heroin to their clients. Accountability in Hoboken, as always is a sore spot for the Old Guard “community,” see: Beth Mason.

The Old Guard soldiers often put out this trope for many reasons. It’s been used when the FBI is in Hoboken investigating… well the Old Guard and its adherents of a certain brand of crooked government as status quo. There’s an unofficial annual celebration the conspiracy ended with one arrest and conviction.

In May 2011 when Mayor Zimmer and her senior staff learned it was not coincidence when matters only discussed within a handful via electronic communications were finding their way to the public and inexplicable inquiries in the form of OPRA requests landing on the desk of the Business Administrator the following day, a festivus miracle was not concluded.

The Hudson Reporter is swinging blindly for weeks regurgitating unsubstantiated rumors Mayor Zimmer is resigning. It’s yet to give a reason but talks about revolving replacements from the City Council Presidency.

Equally, when confidential and sensitive information concerning public safety and contract negotiations was discovered “in the wild” faster than a lightning strike, it was clear something was very wrong.  Add to it, appearances of similar themed information and “stories” on the Beth Mason sponsored website Hate411, where barking at clouds and shaking a fist towards the heavens yelling “Mayor Zimmer” is a common delusional occurrence and City Hall became alarmed. What went unexplained was the odd Pentagon Papers defense issued by Beth Mason’s minions when the FBI investigation hit Hoboken full throttle.

What became clear in short order: the FBI was not “here for Zimmer,” not here to investigate her staff for stealing their own emails and not in Hoboken “to protect” her staff from wrongdoing. That willful lie turned out not to be a Hoboken “Watergate” after all just another reckless, knowing lie proven false as soon as it was uttered.

Medication of the psychotropic variety can aid these delusions of the Mason lunatic fringe in some circumstances but Hoboken had a major electronic intrusion of a DTR (Data Theft Ring) on its hands. The conspiracy led to one arrest of former city IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi who automated downloads of every single email coming and going to the Hoboken mayor’s office for well over a year starting in early 2010 when the Zimmer administration was yet in its infancy. Attempts to make legal the theft by automatically declaring all the emails automatically public failed when Beth Mason in her brief tenure as chair of the council saw that political operation fall by the wayside.

So the Old Guard is suffocating for lack of “On the Waterfront” oxygen. There’s no easy paydays, not even free gas or tire repairs at the Municipal Garage let alone millions of quarters to truck off to south Jersey. Short of having a sleepy electorate hand back the reins, it’s emasculating to have a popular mayor lead reform victories one after another and pile up the wins not for herself and a select group of job seekers or wannabe contract holders but for all of Hoboken.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer seen here at the 2014 inaugural has successfully led a reform movement in Hoboken driving the anti-Zimmer forces crazy. Whether its cutting municipal taxes in the double digits, making government more effective and leading a City victory for flooding solutions, it’s anything but business as usual.
The pro Old Guard Hudson Reporter is left rumormongering she resign for unknown greener pastures elsewhere.

Hoboken’s self-entitled, old political class is suffocating with each passing breath as more of Old Hoboken moves toward embracing progressive governance. For other critics on the periphery who are not a bastion of the Old Guard’s self-anointed “leadership,” now is the time viewed to plant a seed and posture how they can get inside and reclaim a mantle for what they believe is their due. The mantra, “Mayor Zimmer wouldn’t be mayor without us” is the first conscious thought on awaking in the morning and the unpaid bill in their minds torments them through each and every hour of the day. It’s of course a miserable place to dwell.

Back on the front lines, the Hudson Reporter and its pro Old Guard stance takes every opportunity to aim barbs at Mayor Zimmer and lacking any credible evidence hears the continual wailing of pain from the Old Guard and its pro big development allies and how Mayor Zimmer is bad for business. There’s nothing left in the quiver; the tank is empty. Implying racism as a follow-up to scurrilous “ethnic cleansing” charges at a progressive, left of center mayor who hires minorities and women at the drop of a hat and reaffirms it publicly with an affirmative action plan leaves them bereft of credibility.

The mayor is resigning joke in reform circles enjoyed the end of year doltishness Mayor Dawn Zimmer would depart in the holiday spirit. The Old Guard kept repeating the “rumor” she would be arrested by the Feds by the end of the month to anyone who would listen. The HR’s political columnist Sully, perhaps thought it entertaining but the meme now is obviously bad spirited repeated in the New Year in the obvious hope to see unravel the mayor’s effectiveness along with her reform oriented majority. Reform living not up to its word but well beyond it since 2009 is grating on them and caused much gnashing of teeth no dentist can ably repair.

Since the repeated rumormongering Mayor Dawn Zimmer is submitting her resignation for some unknown job elsewhere and for reasons unstated to date, the objective is to create any turmoil to the existing effective alliance. In its place, the anti-Zimmerites and the Hudson Reporter are praying to Old Guard gods, if you can’t beat them at the voting booth, try and incite an internal riot. Human nature being what it is, ambition has dethroned many blindly from the path of political righteousness.

Reform to date hasn’t seen anyone in its ranks take flight in an Icarus bid of inevitable crashing. The mayor is clearly the head of the movement, lived up to the billing (and then some) and crushed the biggest vestige of complaint winning more than $200 million in federal assistance in the Rebuild by Design competition toward a real flooding solution. That plan fully realized will take years to implement and Mayor Zimmer has not said she doesn’t want to be around to see it to completion. It would require a third term to do so.

With the rotation of a new City Council President, the Hudson Reporter narrative the mayor would resign to allow Councilwoman Jen Giattino assume the reigns pending a special election fell by the wayside. As the new Council President Ravi Bhalla is elevated to Council President for another run, the Hudson Reporter is left scrambling once again pushing him as the replacement for the replacement. This is like an old bad movie, it’s so Hoboken411 wrong (the 2011 and earlier vintage).

It’s all quite comical and not fitting to a community newspaper but perfectly well-suited to the Old Guard rag which hates reform, reform “bloggers,” anti-corruption voices of all stripes and colors in Hoboken whether “newcomers,” Old Hoboken or people of good will who had enough of being fleeced.

What’s unclear is whether the Old Guard will put forward a new plan and just refrain from repeating the “Song Remains the Same” which is not appealing to voters give sway to the old, dark ways at City Hall.  Stripped of access to every public budget in the Mile Square, what’s left is a sense of desperation things will never be what they were. Some recognize that political reality and are moving accordingly, while others think Hoboken can be mobilized for one last Hoboken Sopranos hoorah.

Until the November municipal ward races, we’re stuck with the lamest rumormongering in recent memory. Somewhere Mayor Zimmer is giggling about all this but she’s too busy doing the real business of Hoboken to care.

It’s another reason she’s earned the trust of so many in the Mile Square. Up the Republic!

Reform stalwart: former Business Administrator Arch Liston
held the line for Hoboken during his tenure cleaning up waste, decay
and corruption. He testified to the DTR (Data Theft Conspiracy)
in October 2012 and the revelations of same.

Related: Former Business Administrator Arch Liston blew the lid off the DTR (Data Theft Conspiracy) back in October 2012, testifying to confidential information disseminated into the ranks of public safety.

Other than former IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi, the FBI and US Attorneys Office has announced no further arrests.

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