Old Guard-Masonic Push Poll – ‘Mayor Zimmer is just like us’

Old Guard-Masonic Telephone Push Poll projects its guilt on Mayor Dawn Zimmer

Just when you think you’re out… they pull you back in.  It’s the same for vacation Horsey and in this case the mayor as a new push poll is out and it’s laying blame for all the sins of the Old Guard at her desk on the second floor at City Hall.

The push poll attacks are loaded with dozens of questions and attacks on the mayor claiming everything from the budget being overspent by $20 million to buying votes to get elected.  
The Old Guard-Beth Mason push poll is out selling
heaping helpings of their toxic elixir
That’s right the Old Guard has found religion and is against buying votes.  Well sorta.  They are against it as long as you point the finger at Mayor Zimmer and say she’s responsible for doing so and not the hundreds of votes purchased for Tim Occhipinti.
The push poll asks all kinds of personal information from first name, marital status, family to the choice for mayor.  Among your selections are Terry Castellano, Frank “Pupie” Raia, Timmy Occhipinti, Ruben Ramos, Mayor Dawn Zimmer and yes believe it or not Beth Mason.  Doesn’t seem that the Old Guard compromise candidate Anthony “Stick” Romano made this round.  Maybe Beth Mason doesn’t want to see even worse numbers for herself.
Numerous questions on the poll focus on the BoE asking about the popularity of Kids First, support for school board candidates for the coming November election and choosing the most important overall issue for Hoboken.  
One can only wonder how the data will be collected, distributed and used but based on the infighting MSV has already heard getting out, more yelling can be expected among the Old Guard desperate to retain Old Hoboken and disperse effective misinformation to low information Hoboken voters with the objective knocking out a popular and effective mayor.
Some active backers of the Old Guard are beginning to voice doubt there’s any successful formula to cobble a victory against the incumbent mayor no matter who sits atop the ticket.  
Well there’s always Hoboken411’s eager willingness to disburse lies for a Mason price and if you can’t beat them, well just sue them.
Scorched earth mode has been in play for a while.  Anyone buying that snake oil?
Old Guard poll courtesy of Beth Mason and her Old Guard friends.
Money to burn and lies to churn, this one even seeks to depict Beth Mason political operatives
as victims accusing the mayor of paying bloggers to attack them.  As if.

Talking Ed Note: For some time MSV has said of the Old Guard, “These are people without an argument.” The only agenda is hiring more municipal workers with still more subsidized housing at the expense of the taxpayers who will pay the increased freight every step of the way.
That agenda isn’t exactly a winning formula so the Old Guard is left with “the mayor is just like us.”  That and using the courts in an attempt to level a playing field as municipal elections are headed to join the BoE in November.
No hail mary is going to help the Old Guard.  The karma coming is well earned and deserved.

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