Old Guard hunts its “animal” prey tonight @ 7:00 in City Council

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Part two:

We have a late summer like day and Da Horsey refuses to review the agenda because, well because it’s election season.  Nothing is more fun at a City Council meeting then the mad bum rush to get some hit, some smoke out on an opponent even when there’s nothing there.

In recent meetings we’ve seen slander not directed at the public but mano a mano with council members. Can you guess who is doing the slandering?  (Okay shouldn’t the home team get a slander advantage?)

Well Councilman Ravi Bhalla is the butt of both slander and attacks with a big bullseye on his back or is it his “hat” the Old Guard wants to highlight and gin up some racist anti-bigotry voting sentiment against? They’ve not made it a secret they are out to take out the “animal.”

An ethics complaint by politico Perry Belfiore years back is all the rage, if you listen to them.  Even though Councilman Bhalla sought out legal direction from Corporation Counsel Michael Kates in advance of a meeting if he can participate on a small continuing contract for his then officemate.  The Old Guard haters never let go until a minor technicality would come back saying Kates was incorrect to suggest Bhalla could vote on the issue which was approved 9-0.

That’s right a minor contract on a case was approved unanimously by the City Council but it’s value isn’t in the paltry amount of the work or the vote but in attempting to derail Councilman Bhalla’s re-election.  The State found the matter so insignificant, it even waived the small fine.

The Beth Mason sponsored Hate411 site is telling anyone who will read (which isn’t much these days) there’s a fire brewing underneath all these political operative efforts. The ghostwriting there isn’t what it used to be either.  Something about the FBI nabbing a friend of Hoboken411 editor Perry Klaussen and putting heat on his political operative Masonista pal.  The Masonistas are relegated to writing their vile brand of character assassination in the comments no one bothers to read. Of course they’ve been at this for years relying on the iron fisted fascist censorship of Hoboken411 to protect their hateful, lying screeds from coming under any scrutiny.  It was all fine and good until MSV and a Grafix satirist showed up.

Suddenly, censorship on Hoboken411 wasn’t enough. The whine has continued ever since.  The embittered loser Masonistas call this transparency when they aren’t sniping at their newest Zimmerist enemy, NY Giants Quarterback Eli Manning.

Back to the evening entertainment; Hoboken is on a countdown of sorts.  Less than five weeks before a major election which means there’s gua-ran-teed, guaranteed to be all kinds of fun and games going on tonight.

  • Will Beth Mason start waving her arms and screaming like a banshee about nothing at all? (again)
  • Will Michael Russo pretend not to understand repeated explanations for 45 minutes before voting no anyway?
  • Will Timmy Occhipinti ask twenty questions trying to find a gotcha moment but only reveal how utterly inept he is on said issue?

Tune into the Hoboken follies @ 7:00.  It promises to be entertainingly good.

For those who are interested in policy, well here’s the agenda:

Talking Ed Note: A critical update is required.  A slamin hard hitting website has arrived on the scene and Da Horsey was just alerted in the comments section.  It’s a can’t miss and no, MSV has no idea who is behind this but humbly pays homage:

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