Occhipinti fourth ward update: Why can’t I eat at Vito’s?

News of Mayor Zimmer’s veto is spreading and the fourth ward has gotten wind that recreation fees and their hefty $25 price tag are not going to be eliminated after all.  
On lower Jackson street, concerns for Councilman Tim Occhipinti have surfaced:

Talking Ed Note: Yesterday MSV heard both the Hudson Reporter and Hoboken Patch reached out to Councilman Tim Occhipinti to get comment on the mayor’s veto of the ordinance sponsored in his name.  Unfortunately they couldn’t get a quote for publication until later. Tim isn’t allowed to comment to the press without asking his handlers what to say first.

Otherwise they’ll tell him he’ll be put in a corner and not given any more money to buy votes next spring when the fourth ward holds its election for a four year seat.

At $40 a vote for 500-600 of them, it costs a lot more than rec fees.

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