NY Times up front and personal with Hoboken’s Corner Cars

Hoboken’s Corner Cars program is making more waves, this time in a nifty feature in the Sunday New York Times.  They take some vehicles for a test drive and examine the culture of car sharing and the uniqueness of the program and its tremendous accessibility.

There’s something odd but novel in walking to a place in your neighborhood waving a card over the front windshield and driving a car you’ve never seen before where you like to where you want in the $5 to $16 per hour range.

Some humorous aspects as well with one author comparing a possible developing culture to moving from owning a library of CDs to a pay for what you use streaming model over the internet with music.  This in comparison to another person’s study of car ownership in New York City during the 70s and 80s. In his study even with the heavy costs and problems of keeping a car he noted the unique psychology of New Yorkers who saw themselves above the folks using the tube (subway).  He said the psychology was found nowhere else.

In Hoboken, we’re pioneers though not curmudgeons.  Well at least many of us.

New York Times story:

Learn more and sign up at a discount for the Hoboken Hertz Connect Corner Cars at:

No insurance, no hunting for parking, no oil changes and a $100 credit if you return a Hoboken car permit when you sign up for the program.

Photo: Tom White for the NY Times, courtesy the NY Times

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