Nurse’s Union alienates itself from creditors committee, moves to obtain documents from the group unrelated to bankruptcy settlement

In a political move likely isolating itself, the attorneys working on behalf of the HUMC nurse’s union acted to obtain depositions and other documents unrelated to the bankruptcy case from the creditors committee Saturday.

The move comes after expectations of a settlement with the creditors was announced as close Friday and highly anticipated this weekend.
According to a story on, the Hospital Authority has turned over 200,000 pages of related documents from emails to financial information to the creditors committee.
The hospital nurse’s union, JNESO is bypassing discovery by making the request to their colleagues on the creditors committee and not, according to attorneys representing the Hospital Authority, from them.

The story outlines how the Hospital Authority may respond to this action:

Under a subpoena, the authority could object to releasing information or seek a gag order on the union to prevent them from using the information for reasons not related to the bankruptcy case. The creditor’s committee has already signed a non-disclosure agreement.
“The timing is not a coincidence: if the committee agrees to support the proposed sale and settlement, JNESO will no longer be able to rely on the committee and its professionals as its own mouthpiece to disrupt a process that is in the best interests of the debtor and all of its stakeholders,” attorneys from the authority wrote.

Councilwoman Beth Mason has been working with the nurse’s union and spoke on their behalf against Hoboken taxpayers at the last City Council meeting saying the nurse’s union were not made whole as creditors while the bond holders re: Hoboken taxpayers, (a secured creditor) would be.  She’s also worked with an outside agency Appleseed where earlier questions on the hospital sale were linked directly to Hoboken411.  Mason stated Wednesday night she does not “own or control” the website she calls “a news source.”

Wednesday night Mason continued to call for depositions taken of officials on the Hospital Authority even after her vote led to people saying her vote along with Tim Occhipinti, Terry Castellano and Michael Russo “killed the hospital.

One source close to the matter of the depositions stated their collection had stopped as it looked “pretty useless.”

It’s not clear how a bankruptcy judge will rule at a hearing scheduled for Tuesday. The judge has urged all the creditors agree and come to terms on a settlement.  A settlement with the creditors is required before the final steps in a sale of the hospital to Holdco.

Earlier the hospital unions complained they were not holding up any deal among the creditors committee and stated Gov. Christie was “setting them up,” if the hospital would close.  Now this public move appears to show the Governor was correct.

Beth Mason has worked with the nurse’s union since Holdco was announced as the bidder in January.  With days remaining before the hospital runs out of money, here is yet another tactic.

Talking Ed Note:  Last week Hoboken411 printed a letter from P3, a Connecticut based bidder who is thought to have also been working behind the scenes with Beth Mason to undermine the sale of the hospital to the selected bidder Holdco.  The Hospital Authority Chairwoman Toni Tomarazzo called that bid’s financing inadequate at the City Council meeting Wednesday night.  Another HA board member noted the same in comments here stating the recommendation was unanimous on the board and also an independent stakeholders committee.

MSV stands by its comments Wednesday night that Hoboken411 is a completely censored website where no alternate view unfavorable to Beth Mason is allowed.  It practices fascistic tactics against any number of Hoboken residents including elected officials and citizens.  The “hit jobs” do not allow any comment from those attacked, nor comment disagreeing from the public.

How much longer before another hit piece appears on Hoboken411 making more wild accusations against officials deposed and the unpaid volunteers on the Hospital Authority?

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