Now WPIX TV news takes a shot at Hoboken parking signs

The old saying TV a vast wasteland holds true for local TV news if yet another “expose” on Hoboken Parking signs is any evidence.  Now WPIX decides to make “news” and reveal the massive confusion of almost decade old parking signs and policies.

Of the people the TV crew decides to put on air, there’s problems right out of the gate.  One woman claims of hearing a car parked in front of Rite Aid for “five minutes” by her friend and was towed.  There are two stores in Hoboken and one has a parking lot of its own.  What do you think the odds are that this woman’s story is true?  Do you think Magee Hickey verified any of the woman’s claim or did she just think it “sounds good” for TV?

Besides, unless this person parked their car in the middle of traffic, it’s hard to believe it would have been towed unless Michele Russo is running a tow service in town no one knows about.

The best interviewee though is the man who has solved the sign problem with an unintentionally funny solution.  You have to love the sheer inanity of a TV news crew filming a guy with a solution to the sign “problem” saying “make them bigger.”

That’s what they sent a news crew to Hoboken to do.  Find people to say dumb things about parking.  At the end of the clip, the less than genuine Magee Hickey ends her lazy report saying, “I hope we’re parked legally” as the camera shows a vehicle sitting square in a yellow marked sidewalk.

Too bad they didn’t tow the car.  How much would it cost citywide to make the signs “bigger?”  You just have to laugh at the utter stupidity – of local TV news.  This is more up their alley, yes it’s entertainment but considering the almost decade old signs, it’s not news.


 Talking Ed Note: Will we be seeing a Beth Mason – Michael Russo co-sponsored proposed ordinance to make the signs bigger this Wednesday and a Hoboken411 post to follow proclaiming it the eighth wonder of the world?

Looks like the Hoboken411 political operation with Beth Mason isn’t working out too hot does it?

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