Now it's Hoboken411 stealing from MSV

The muddy behavior of the Mason-Russo cabal continues with a new theft, this time by Beth Mason’s favorite website, Hoboken411.  MSV received notice Hoboken411 is repeating earlier folly stealing the same photo Scott Delea used in a recent 5th ward mailing.

Messages have been sent to Perry Klaussen, Hoboken’s smearmeister king by both email and voicemail.
He’s facing the same problem for theft as Scott Delea, stealing the exact same photo for the Mason411 minion to use in its latest hit piece.

Hoboken411 has stolen this photo from MSV.
The slight cropping alteration does not disguise the copyright theft.
The Mason411 sewer actions are continuing into election day tomorrow.

Posted in the previous story on Scott Delea’s photo theft is the ORIGINAL link with the posted cost per view for unauthorized use of MSV’s photos and stories. For online violations, it’s $5.00 per view.

The use of the Peter Cunningham photo does not qualify for fair use either by council candidate Scott Delea or with cropped alteration by Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411.

Talking Ed Note:  It’s not secret MSV has given notice already to Scott Delea and the lengthy timeline for him to even respond only came after MSV posted a story about the unauthorized photo use.  That being no secret, it’s remarkable Perry Klaussen would also be willing to have his name added to a potential legal complaint.  Doing so, is hardly difficult in a filing.

Thanks for being a dirtbag Perry. Just tell Beth Mason you need a little extra money for your helping her campaign slate.

Unlike the previous theft of an MSV in 2009, Hoboken411 has not removed this photo.  You don’t need to wait for an election.  Once again, character has a way of making itself known.

MSV is again contacting the attorney.  Perhaps this is just considered a petty cost by the Queen of Transparency.  Well please extend our gratitude for the donation.

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