November BoE race: mano a mano on Line J

The final ballot positions are set for the Hoboken Board of Education race come November.
Two slates will be going hand to hand on Election Day on Line J of the ballot.

The first slate includes incumbents Irene Sobolov, Jennifer Evans and Sheillah Dallara
The second slate consists of Jessica Nelson, Jennifer Rossini and Francis “Chipper” Benway.

As MSV exclusively reported earlier, Cory Johnson and Zachary withdrew from the race back on August 17th.

Candidate positions on the ballot will appear as follows:

1J  Jennifer Evans

2J  Sheillah Dallara

3J  Jessica Nelson

4J  Irene Sobolov

5J  Jennifer Rossini

6J  Francis “Chipper” Benway

Three BoE commissioners will see election come Election Day. Onwards to November!

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