NJ Union Head: “Christie is a Nazi!”

NJ unions are mad as hell.  New Jersey is staving off a sea of red ink but some unions are single-mindedly fighting against making any contribution toward its benefit and pension costs.  In the above video the CWA (Communications Workers of America) Union head calls Gov. Christie a Nazi.  The NJEA union head is heard saying she won’t take it anymore.  They didn’t exactly sit on their hands in the last election so it’s not likely they will be getting a sympathetic ear now from the Governor’s office notwithstanding these incendiary remarks.

The above video is causing reverberations throughout the state.  With unemployment in double digits for all practical purposes, states such as New Jersey can’t expect to bring in the revenues to cover the cost of existing benefit programs, let alone the annual escalations.  The rhetoric is not impressing anyone but a small until now favored group with a hand in the NJ taxpayer’s pockets.

The union heads don’t care about any of these fiscal realities.  They didn’t care when the State was facing billions of dollars in red ink the year before and they certainly could care less know.  The NJEA was so antithetical to even a 1% charge to members paying toward health benefits, sacrificing teacher’s jobs was it’s first choice.

These unions plan to give it another shot at the polls in the hopes to undermine any changes and scream for higher taxes for millionaires with their political allies in the State Senate and Assembly leading the way.  Of course like the alternative minimum tax, it will find its way to a tax bill near you sooner or later.

In New Jersey the benefits tab for unions has ballooned over decades.  Last year New Jersey didn’t make a contribution to the State pension system.  It simply didn’t have the money.  It’s so underfunded no one even has a tax formula to theoretically tax their way out of it.  When leftist economists can’t even manufacture a tax model along those lines, you know there’s big trouble.

The unions say tax the rich.  Well define rich.  It would likely mean a family of four making less than 100K or thereabouts to keep pumping more money into the union membership.  It’s only sustainable if the rest of NJ taxpayers are apathetic and Christie was elected because NJ voters across party lines recognize it’s not.

Around the country this is becoming a bigger issue with each passing day.  One prominent Democratic pollster Pat Caddell noted there’s a rebellion coming as the American people will not support the deconstruction of the nation paying special interests while others are merely struggling to get by with no pensions at all waiting on the other end.  It’s not a message going over well with Caddell’s former political bosses.

People are refusing to pay more taxes for union members who have similar wages and far better benefits than they do.  The pollster noted he had gone to Colorado to work on a candidate’s race and saw firsthand the rebellious voices rising.  He cited one example of a worker making $25,000 a year who said why should he pay more taxes for someone in a government job making far more.

You will be hearing that refrain more in the future.  In the meantime enjoy the shrill cries of those calling a Governor attempting fiscal sanity a Nazi.

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