NJ Legislature vote expected on Gov. Christie’s tax cap

A vote is pending in the NJ legislature on a 2% tax cap advanced by Gov. Christie later today.  The vote differs slightly from the Governor’s earlier proposed 2.5% cap where less restrictions on exceeding the limit would be imposed.

Hoboken’s Assemblyman Reuben Ramos should be placing his vote today.  You can email him here to indicate your desire on the bill:

Assemblyman Ramos –

In a twitter last week, Mayor Zimmer thanked both sides of the aisle in working together to push ahead the cap after the State Senate voted to support the cap.  A 2% cap would limit the amount property taxes could be hiked in the future.  New Jersey unions have been vocal in opposing the cap airing commercials across the state.

Update: On July 8th Mayor Zimmer participated in a State conference call foreshadowing passage, “Just finished conference call with Governor Christie and mayors across state.  Thank u to leaders of both parties for this historic hard cap.”

2nd Update 11:30 – An aide to Assemblyman Ramos indicates he will be voting in favor of the cap.  

11:35 – Talking Ed Note: With passage of the cap imminent, Mayor Zimmer’s gambit to be first to support Gov. Christie’s tax cap puts her high along with Hoboken on the favorable list with the Governor’s office.  Legislation of such magnitude carries with it long memories and Mayor Zimmer was first in Hudson County to get on board hosting the kickoff of the Governor in his statewide tour pitching a tax cap.  

This bipartisanship will also be helpful to New Jersey having just managed to cover an $11 Billion budget deficit, that’s billion with a capital B.  New Jersey is moving in the right direction, finally.

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Tom Moran, the infamous reporter who moaned about the Governor’s tone, now moans over the shambles of the opposition as the Governor’s proposal has earned widespread support throughout the state.
Not to worry Tom.  I can see November from my house.  So can others.

Photo: Gov. Christie appearing in Hoboken with Mayor Zimmer, the first stop in presenting controls to limit tax increases.  All rights reserved.


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