Night at the Fights

This classic old style rabble rousing political ad for the old Hoboken machine is brought to you by: the Wile E. Coyote, Eric Kurta.   In this, episode 10, rise of the Evil Empire, Mayor Anthony Russo takes on a reform majority coalition, Choice for Change, on the Board of Education in 1994.  The Board of Education had moved to suspend Edwin Duroy, school superintendent for a variety of issues.  This did not sit well with Mayor Russo.

In the video Mayor Russo takes the microphone to target the reform members and predict their downfall in front of a vocal crowd.  Note the concern for the taxpayers as it’s an impressive sleight of hand while the mayor was receiving kickbacks from the city auditor, one of multiple schemes suspected during his tenure as mayor.

Gee, don’t you just miss the good old days?

Related: Details of the FBI indictment of Mayor Russo by the now Governor Chris Christie in 2003 for mail fraud and extortion.  Ironically one count was related to the same Board of Education: “soliciting and taking approximately $1500 from an attorney in 1998, in connection with the awarding of a Hoboken Board of Education contract for legal services.”


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