NHSA reports action on limited pipe leak

Hoboken NHSA Commissioner Kurt Gardiner submitted the following official statement from Executive Director Richard Wolf of the North Hudson Sewerage Authority on today’s spill that has been remediated.
“At approximately 6:30 AM this morning, employees at the North Hudson Sewage Authority discovered a leaking pipe inside a building on the Authority’s premises at 1600 Adams St. The pipe valve was immediately shut off, and a small amount, approximately one gallon, of parasitic acid (a commercial form of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide) leaked onto the building floor.”
“The Hoboken Fire Department was immediately summoned to the site, and in turn requested the presence of the Jersey City Hazmat division of its Fire Department. The fire departments established a safety perimeter that included NHSA’s building complex, a small portion of the light rail and the PSE&G substation.  No hazardous materials escaped the building either in liquid or vapor form. The fire departments determined that at no time were residents of either Hoboken or Weehawken in any danger from the small contained spill. “
“Using an abundance of caution and to ensure unfettered access to the site, the fire departments briefly requested an interruption in NJT Light Rail service. The fire departments safely disposed of material on the North Hudson site within the normal treatment process of the plant.  The fire departments have informed us that there was no threat to public health.  The spill was effectively and safely contained, managed and disposed, thanks to the rapid response of the Hoboken and Jersey City fire fighters.”

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