News alert: Update on City Council Board Appointments

In the investigative story posted last week, “Is the second council appointment legal?” MSV spoke to the Office of the Corporation Counsel following up on questions surrounding the process and posing additional legal questions of concern.  Da Horsey anticipates there will be a development on this front as soon as today.

At the last City Council meeting, newly elected City Council President Carol Marsh stated she saw no issue with second board appointments. Councilman Michael Lenz later issued a statement agreeing there was no obstacle to making additional board appointments as he understands it since his time serving on the City Council last November.

The mayor stated a clear policy the day after the last City Council meeting a second board position should be approved only in extenuating circumstances.

Related: The backstory on some questionable appointments was part of an in-depth feature investigation at the last City Council meeting: “Councilman can you spare a vote?”


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