Newark Mayor Cory Booker addresses Technology Conference

Last Thursday, Mayor Cory Booker addresses a group of technology entrepreneurs hosted by NJIT in Newark.

Mayor Booker is an urban mayor who is fighting to aid business development in Newark and is making ground.  The mayor showed savy and passion in speaking to this audience.  It was an impressive presentation even if he’s given variants of it many times before.

Although he has a big task in Newark, the debate is not will he became a statewide and national political figure but when.  While Gov. Christie is doing it on the state level, should they ever meet mano a mano, it would be a true Clash of the Titans.

This event was sponsored by iEvening at NJIT and the invitation came courtesy of:

Hoboken Technology Meetup.

Talking Ed Note:  MSV would like to thank Hoboken Technology Meetup for extending this invitation.  They are doing great things in Hoboken and hosts some great speakers and networking events here in town at Stevens.

Da Horsey attended the previous one and was duly impressed.  Thanks again to Hoboken Technology Meetup. Here’s a little more on the organization:

The Hoboken Tech Meetup is a monthly meeting of ~100 entrepreneurs and innovators. We meet monthly at the Stevens Institute of Technology campus in Hoboken, NJ to hear from smart feature speakers and interesting startups. The goal is an atmosphere of sharing best practices and learning from both failure and success.

Past speakers include David Kidder (Clickable), Ben Sun (Community Connect), Tad Martin (COO to take Overstock public), Seth Besmertnik (Conductor), Peter Kestenbaum (, 1099 Partners), Gabe Zichermann (Gamification Summit), Steve Messer (Linkshare), Jeff Stewart (Mimeo, Urgent Career), David S. Rose (NY Angels), Craig Kanarick (Razorfish), and more.

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