Newark Councilman endorses Tim Occhipinti

Put this in the “there’s so much you know what flying, Da Horsey couldn’t keep up” file.  Ron Rice a Newark Councilman visited Hoboken for the machine gathering at West End Station of Cammarano ex-patriots to support Tim Occhipinti.

The Newark Councilman goes on a passionate advocation of Tim and courage.  He talks about the bravery required in making cuts and the strength required to cut police and other services as was recently done in Newark.  Listen for his statement of stark reality at the 7:45 mark.

Someone apparently forgot to tell the Newark Councilman, that’s not Tim, it’s the other guy.  Tim was the guy grabbing the bullhorn outside City Hall and rabble rousing to the crowd of police and their supporters outside City Hall.

Councilman Mike Lenz leading into the accomplishment of working with the Hoboken Police Department to obtain sufficient retirements to avoid layoffs stood down against a couple hundred of Hoboken police and their supporters and explained the realities of Hoboken’s budget problems in a heated packed City Council meeting.

The ironies in this town never cease.

Here’s the short version of the above clip showing just the portion described.  Notice that the applause line is met with complete, utter silence.  Oops!  That’s the wrong guy you’re talking about Councilman Rice.

I hate when that happens.

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